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Stealer of Minds - text

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You've eyes to see, but you never see nothing
You've ears to hear, but no sound passes by
Just look in me, my gaze has the power
Total paralyzed
You've mind to think, but the mind cells are
A tongue to speak, no words make a rhyme
I am your shadow, reflection and fate
Born to be your guide
The world starts to change
No more thoughtful minds
You cause your own death with your ignorance
I am collector of thoughts
Stealer of minds and of souls
Hypnotized you follow me
Lambs to the slaughter I lead
Don't look for answers the future is mine
Don't be no fool brains slowly die
A mystic symphony of slavery
Ruler of your kind
No more "if', no more "who'', no more "what"
Questions now belong to the past
No liberty, no freedom in sight
You're damned for all time
The world starts to change...
I am collector of thoughts...
I am collector of thoughts...

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