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Rock Until We Fall - text

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Fists are aiming high
Heads are banging wild
Heavy riffs fill the air
Jeans and leather bound
Slaves to metal sound
For the few for those who dare
It's alright, it's alright
Music loud play it hard
Grab the guitars, start play the drums, come hold your bass, warm up your voice
Come on let's sing our song
Rock until we fall
Don't compromise never succumb follow your heart and soul
Metal in our veins
Driving us insane
Makes us feel that we're alive
Scream and shout it out
Rocking makes you proud
Trust in us we rule the night
It's alright, it's alright...
Rock until we fall...
Yeah... follow your heart... your heart and soul...
Oh... rock until we fall...
Faults we make just remain the same
Can't you realise it is rock who's to blame
Life's a game that we have to play
Can't you realise rock before we bleed

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