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forget what we used to be
we are not afraid

never show a white flag and we will never fade
at the point of no return
now it's our turn to rise

we have returned to take the sovereignty
back to our hands
don't fuck with us

no matter what they say
this is who i am
i don't give a fuck about the way they're feeling
can you see the fire inside
burning up as long as we are alive
they will never hold us down
'cause we stand as one
no compromise and no remorse

walk through the path of perseverance
what doesn't kill me makes me stronger
we are not fuckin' dead

this is evolution
start the revolution

this is who we are and i will never be the same
watch me
no compromise
no remorse

here we stand

i came here to breathe again
this is who i am and here is where i stand
this is who we are
here is where we stand

here i stand

we are not fuckin' dead

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