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Become ash and the light of awakening illuminates.
No matter how heavy your regret, the past will remains.
From a cradles embrace I watched the nightmare.
Creeping in the mud,
searching for a diamond that can never be found.
The conflict stays, without disappearing, it roils the mind.
This life will not continue on its own.
With conflict I will walk this road,
Into the vast ocean, with intent in my hands.
No matter how much you are shaken,
there's nothing to worry about.
The hell yon saw that day will hold you up.
Even if we fall to the ground again,
this will pick us up once more.<br>
Earth goes its own way, it just goes ownits way.
The ones you can trust must naturally come closer.
Nothing will be created by thinking only of the future.
Justa live life knowing today is what matters.
Don't be afraid to fall again.
You're on firm ground, hold on tight!

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Into the Great Beyond

Crystal Lake texty

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