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Beloved (Ft. Kenta Koie from Crossfaith) - text


you'll never find it if you don't sacrifice yourself for this
do you realize how many times you lost it
not so sure it always comes back to you
you can say that easily,
but that doesn't make any sense
did you ever wonder why it stays with you
even though it's got sick and tired of your words

can you see me?
can you feel me?
can you hear me
i scream
'cause it's not meant to be

your existence is shattering like the broken glass
bring it back to me again
bring it back to me

i'm trying to hold you back,
but you're slipping through my hand

i scream your name to take back those days
they will never come back
the memories got faint
i'm afraid to lose you again
you're slipping through my hands

i'll never let you go
this time we won't fall down
i'll never let you go

getting down to my kness and pray to god
bring it back to me again
bring it back
i'll never let you go

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