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The Wizard's Apprentice - text


The look of disbelief is still in your face
as I watch how your eyes begin to glaze
Your broken body lies in a growing pool
of blood… I have betrayed you, you sorry old fool

But to have your Art makes it worth this crime,
and your former knowledge will soon be mine
In my hands I now hold your Grand Grimoire,
the source of your once great might and arcane lore

Pre Chorus:
How many times have I not cursed these pages?
It feels like I’ve been reading for ages
But I can not give up, I have to be patient
‘cause your book contains the Art of the Ancient

Soon your magic will lie in my hands
Every spell, powerful and grand,
of the greatest Art are going to be known to me
And then, my friend, I will no longer be…
the wizard’s apprentice

Solo: Dahl

I have found the key. How could I be so blind?
With the right phrase and the right state of mind
the power explodes in me, burning deep inside
The Art engulfs me in a roaring magic tide

Pre Chorus:
For how many years have I not yearned and craved for this?
It feels like I have reached eternal bliss
And it does not matter much that my soul is stained
by your death, compared to what I have gained

Now your magic lies in my hands
Every spell, powerful and grand,
of the greatest Art are now finally known to me
And no more, my friend, will I ever be…
the wizard’s apprentice

Solo: Both

I am divine, pure energy
The Ancient’s power flows in me
But it’s to much for my mind to sustain
With a sudden burst of pain
all magic’s scorched from my brain,
and I realise that all have been in vain
My Art is forever gone!

Solo: Nyberg, Dahl

So now my magic’s no more
My Art is gone, my precious lore
has forever been burned away from my very core
And now I am neither the Master Mage nor
the wizard’s apprentice

…just a common man

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