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So you want to hear a tale, you say?
A true story from my younger days?
I'll try to recall, so now listen well
as I tell you about this demon from Hell

Far to the north, into the barren Wastes we went, my companions and I
To a place where the lost stronghold of king Tharngrim was said to lie
After many a peril we found it, but a shadow hung over the place
We were told of a prophecy. A demon returning one of these days

Pre Chorus
Shortly the keep was beset by a tide of Chaos, and we were pushed back
to the innermost hall, where we prepared a last stand for the final attack

Though we had fought hard and well our hopes were dead and gone,
for we all knew that the worst was yet to come
So there we stood in silence and stark fear, awaiting our fate
Then the silence ended as a tremendous force shattered the last gate

Ablaze in the darkness of the smashed gate was a pair of eyes. Like burning coal
It was violence incarnate, terrifying beyond comprehension to behold
Then it spoke with a roaring voice, and eyes shining brightly with insane bloodthirst
"I've come back, just as I promised. Well, little dwarfs, who wants to die first?"

Pre Chorus
Like a blood soaked god it came, truly the terror of its name
For the blood and souls it came, for an old debt to be claimed

As the prophecy foretold the foul demon returned
And the noble king Tharngrim painfully learned
that yesterdays glory can be turned into tomorrows doom
when he faced the Terror down in the mountain's gloom

Its axe rose and fell in great bloody arcs, turning the floor into a red lake
as it ploughed through the dwarf host and left a crimson ruin in its wake

And despite the sentinels' determination to protect their king
I witnessed the prophecy come true as the king was slain by this vile thing

Well, the story has come to an end
I hope you have enjoyed the tale, my friend
But listen to me, and listen well
They do exist, these demons from Hell
So now be sure to remember, my son,
that Chaos snare the unwary one

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