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Another day to fight for my unspoken rights
How can you say it's worth the price
you pay in a cage of lies?

Another chapter in the daily book if sin
Here I'm supposed to walk along
a path which I know is wrong

Pre Chorus
You may say I aim too high,
but I know what I have to do
I can't see the reason why
the old dream should not come true

Out of the void
Against the wind of madness
Into tomorrow I sail with my hope
No time to waste
I'm heading for the future
I'll carry on till I finally reach
my burning vision

Tired of being the prey and always hearing them say
You can not raise a family
lost in a fantasy

Detested by the fools who never break a rule
But their eternal jealousy
won't change my destiny

Pre Chorus

When dreams and memories collide
I'll be leaving for the final ride
Just like the wind I'll travel across the seas
Under skies of glory I will fly, forever free
Laughing at the pain in my past

Solo Nyberg, Dahl

Text přidal paja65

Confessions of the Maker

Crystal Eyes texty

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