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Ride the Rainbow - text


Beneath the blackened sky
when the diamonds glow
you taste the moonlight in solitude
Far away from life's eternal decay

The wheel of time aches in your restless heart
The haunting inner voice of freedom won't let you go
Long years of torment and never left alone
You seek a place where the cold winds don't blow

Pre Chorus
In your own sanctuary from life. Yes!
Strangers and lies fade in your mind
On the edge of midnight

Ride the rainbow. Aim for the sky
Tame the starlight and you will fly
Ride the rainbow. Let your kingdom come
Claim the night. You're the chosen one
Ride the rainbow. Ride forever
Find the gate to your dreams. Ride the rainbow

Solo Dahl

So pure and innocent
in your bleeding eyes
The perfect darkness relieve the pain
Yet the wounds of war and violence remain

Respect and orders, a never ending tale
You seek a haven from duties and chains

Pre Chorus

Aaaah - Take my words and find your kingdom
Aaaah - Take my words and find your kingdom
Aaaah - Take my words and find your kingdom now!

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Crystal Eyes texty

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