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Restless and fierce we're approaching this unspoiled new ground
Eager to kill, feast and rape in this new land we've found

Pre Chorus
The moon is high, but no one knows
what's landed by the bay
In your town soon blood will flow
Just before the dawn of day

Warriors from the land of the midnight sun
Wield your axes for live shall none
For your gold and the slaughter
we have sailed far on stormy waters
Many coasts have been conquered and laid to rest
on our great never-ending quest
There is nothing to stop the northern rage
In this dark and violent age

At midnight we reach our target and the plundering begins
We slay every one of you as we enjoy our sins

Pre Chorus
The massacre echoes in the night,
filled with grief and pain
When the last home burn in the morning light,
nothing here remains


Longing for glory
We're the masters of the sea
Anger's our story
Gold and blood are all we need
Encouraged by the Gods
our journey shall go on forever

Solo Dahl, Nyberg

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Video přidal DevilDan

Confessions of the Maker

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