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Confessions of the Maker - text


When you think you're alone
the eyes of the world will read your mind for me
I'm the author of life
The maker of love and hate, tragedy and fate

Pre Chorus
I'm the chain, you're the slave
I'll be there from the cradle to the grave

All wars were mine, created for joy
I'm guilty of every crime
When you cry in tears I smile in delight
I am the answer to what you fear
and all that you see
My pleasure is your destiny

When you stand in the rain,
abandoned and naked, I can not deny
my desire to plague
Well, my rules are mean, but fair and valid everywhere

Pre Chorus
I'm the wolf, you're the lamb
In my world you are forever damned

Solo Dahl

Once you're born you'll find yourself
placed behind the scenes of the theatre of pain
Dazed and hollow you will dwell
until it is your turn to take part in the play of God


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Confessions of the Maker

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