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Yes daddy, please daddy
Bring us home another toy for us
Bring us home another slave

Sadly I'm incapable of satisfying you, my love
I will have to accept the truth of our situation
I have failed you I can't contain you
So now I hae decided to let you go out and play

Find us another slut

Tied up in the basement she waits
Bound and gagged that's where she'll stay
Until our hunger returns
Creeping up and seeking to fright
Then we'll sneak downstairs where a single bulb reveals her feint glow
Nodding back out from the noxious Halothane she's ingested
Once again, and again, and again, and again

The perfect dose will knock them out
A bit too much will kill them cold so much more fun with the living
A slow heartbeat is always better than none

Don't let her think she'll ever escape
Hope allows them to put up such a fight
Tie her down, beak her will, leave her with absolutely nothing

I've set up the video camera now spread her legs and grab the rod
And plunge it deep inside of her, and don't stop until you see blood
Ram that hole, her stinking cunt
Just like that, yes that's right
Don't stop now deeper still, she's still awake
I love it when she screams

Look at what we've done, we've spoiled another one
Broken our new toy

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The Book of Suffering - Tome I

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