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Boden - text


[2012 "The Best of Us Bleed" Compilation]

Beneath the earth I glance from afar
Daring forward calculated motions ensure
A safe distance to admire you from

Soft white skin with almond shaped eyes shining blue
Overtaken by emotion my heart palpitates
The delicate materials concealing my victims will be easily cast away
The fragmented delusions I cannot control
Lead me helpless along this melancholic course
Silence slips as I watch you walk away
A final glance ties me to you

A manipulated coincidence decreases our void leading us straight
To your comfort I conceal my desires
By cloaking them in more familiar ones

What I need has nothing to do with innocent for it is a consensual act

All the while the urge rising up to

Leave you bleeding with a smile
I grip your back as I remind myself to play nice for a while

It's too late now I've prematurely spent my load
Wipe the remnants clean and move on to my next feed
Patience is not for the meek I already feel hungry after only a few weeks
Binding time through self-mutilation I lay in wait for my next treat

A shining light presents itself as I cross Dorchester at night
A smile and a wink declare it a feeding night
A swift social exchange and a few home remedies
Send me back to my paradise
Guiding me to puncture skin and rip fleshy mounds
Fueling me like a wild hound

Dump the body leave in an easy place to be found
Fascination will strip this world down
Return to the site just to meditate obvious as the panic escalates
Fear spreads wide and reduces my opportunities
But my methods are distinct
And I continue to haunt

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