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Authoritarian attitudes change the way we live
No one seems to realize how much we have to give
They label us as stupid don't listen to a word we say
But we'll just keep fighting, soon we'll have our day
Is this democracy or authoritarian rule
Land of the free, but we're treated like fools
If they'd just listen, I know for sure they'd find
It's not a lot of noise, we also have minds
I'm tired of being treated as a second rate citizen
I'm no different except that I protest
Is that a crime or am I truly free?
How did it all start, I can't begin to guess
They don't give us a chance, I think they are afraid
Of what we might say would upset the life they made
They keep telling us what they feel is wrong
But there's so much more, so I put it in a song
We can't sit by as they diminish our lives away
They can't keep us down, they're resistance disapates
Seeing their faults, I can't turn my head
I just sit and smile as my feelings turn to hate

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