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A hidden voice beneath the Thunder
Cascades whispers reaching down
A life less perfect in its living
Is to real purpose summoned now
As dream carved eyes sing empathy
With wings made mortal to the search
For essence weighed in temples razed
Ascend the fires and salted earth

I can see the message breathing still
I can hear the voices sounding deep inside
I can feel the hero rising up above the silence
Your soul remembers yet, the path that men forget

I bring the winds, to free you from your hesitation
I call the storms to remind you what you are
My faith endures for the sake of something less and more in them
And so I bring the winds, to echo in your heart

Drifting scenes of shameful things
To haunt corrupted will
The Lion pacing at the edge
Guards the keep that faith once built
Find constitution in your soul
A vessel for your light
Eyes drift toward the northern fires
A beacon to the ocean of the night

Text přidal KARI

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