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Master, Master, Master
Who can it be?
A portrait of perfect
Your teeth are sharp
And your nails are too
Master, Master
I won't mess with you

Oh master makes the velvet touch so smooth
Her skin makes my company (flutter and move)
I want her
I want her so much
Oh master, master give me the touch

Master, Master, Master
Your skin is so smooth
It pulls beneath my tongue
With its slight grooves
We want to make your heart
Beat quickly love
Fall into the pattern
Of the raptures run

Master, Master let me take this now
You're a little scared
Let me show you how
We'll lie like the angels in this heavenly
And dance with fire in the patterns

We stand behind this wall
With this black face
And black hammer
Protects the beating heart
And leave the blood to sour in her veins
Is the myth she offers warmer
Than the one we abandoned
When the door is opened for us?
The answer and the question
Are always one and the same

Master, Master, Master
Desperate measures strike
I need to make you make me
Feel real life
Rich to the taste
So sweet the peace
Dancer, dancer

Master, Master come and save me now
Take my consciousness and extract my doubt
I want to, I want to, I want to so much
Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, give me the touch
The touch

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