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By vigils light this night to keep
Watching eyes fall over her
Moments lost, fragments unseen
But I will still be here

They say this cause is lost
And she will not return to me
They say that she is gone
And this is just a shell unliving

And through the dark of the morning
She fades, but I will not leave here
Fight back the demons around us
Love lives, and I will defend her

I will defend her

By dancing light alone in the darkness
My eyes play tricks with the shadows
Prayers for miracles seem to pass unheard
But I am with her still

There is no fact, that cannot be challenged
No course of fate, we cannot repair the
Means to an end is in the beginning
Strength to endure comes out of despair

Where there is love, there is life
And where there is life there is hope
And in hope we find the sight to see
The essence of divinity

And through each moment believing
She knows, that I will not leave her
One life held fast to another
Love lives, And I will defend her

Text přidal KARI

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