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The day is withering
Broken by the weight of time
All shadows cast
Grow longer
Till they smother light
and leave no trace
or evidence
Of the fiery life that has fallen silent,
till new moon resurrection recalls the phoenix
Leave this a monument
of dreams dreamt
Of love shared
Of gods challenged
and victory over mortal chains
Snatched away
In the attempt

All the little children
All dressed in black
With their darkened eyes
And holy artifacts
Mamas watch your babies
Keep them safe and sound
Don't let them play in graveyards
Don't let them find this out

You may be sorry
You may be sorry

peculiarities speaking
Arising from their mouths
It must be the devil
Making these horrid sounds
Speak no evil, baby
Your daddy told you twice
Don't be some sort of freak
Lost lonely in the night

You may be sorry
You may be sorry

Pallid cheeks and perfumed skin
This midnight love's corrosion
Clandestine fingers wander
Symbiotic fed explosion
comes harrowing cold to these
Another line to feed
like fish within the net
Like babies caught in sleep
Caught in sleep

Break the stem
Spare the petals this answer
Let me fall quickly
Beautiful still
And when they inter me
Let rain be my mourning
Let thunder cry my demise
And death lay her kiss
Gently on my paling lips

You may be sorry

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...Night Crawls In

The Cruxshadows texty

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