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The Misconceived (Ft. Davey Muise) - text


Dear God, save me from this prison.
Dear God, save me from religion.
Caged up, let me out!
Save me from this hell!
They burned down the Lord's house.
I will tell you which evil kills more,
between religion and all the worlds wars.
Science constructed buildings of glory,
faith brought them down, all 110 stories.
You're just a number on the paper to the priest.
He makes more than a God through his outreach.
Now, give your offering to the misconceived.
Why does your faith have a price?
Now, take a sip of the blood of Christ.
You're just a dollar sign paying to pray to the Great Divine.
Selling a fellowship, see, its a business full of hypocrites.
Its a business full of ancient traditions.
The biggest mistake God ever made led society into decline.
He chose to let man create his religion now humanity is confined.
Thousands of gallons of blood spilled in the sand.
Holy soldiers, they battle, that blood is on your hands.
Who's God has more demand?
Thou shall follow, thou shall feed the golden plate,
thou shall bow down, thou shall repent to clean the slate.
They're giving you the bait and switch so the church stays rich.
I watched the whole world go to shit but the church stays rich.

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