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Slave to the Dime (Ft. Landon Tewers) - text


The crooked,
the selfish,
the greedy,
the thieving,
Not me, not you, not us, then who holds our truth?
Who says we're free?
We're not free.
We're chained to the gears that are turning their greed.
Yeah you, and me,
we're the slaves to the games of our countries kings.
String them up by their feet with the flag they preach.
Oh, say can you see?
Hows your new view of the land of the free?
This is a virus, we're all infected.
The sickness spreads when they're elected.
On and on and on, theres no escape.
There is no cure.
Slave to the dime, the bane of mankind.
One nation under Gods!
Injustice for all.
First born dipped in oil for the ritual cleanse,
baptized in the pit the cycle never ends.
Hold him up to the sun,
show the world the new branch on the family tree.
I'll saw him off and watch him bleed, end the legacy.
We'll watch him fucking bleed, uproot the family tree,
we'll set ourselves free.

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