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Fear Mongers - text


Fear Mongers.
I'm so sick of the lies.
Fuck the propaganda they depict.
Forced impressions disguised as a lesson.
We can't be force fed.
Their two cents is worth much more when we're brain dead.
Turn your back to the media,
find a cure for your Facebook anemia.
Keep us afraid, keep us down.
Bury the truth underground.
ell us a story make us proud,
keep our minds in the dark,
build your ghost town.
Eyes glued to LED's like insects to the light.
They've got you in the palm of your hand
From the moment you wake up,
you're part of their design.
Force feed, tell them what they wanna hear.
Fresh meat, harvest on election year.
Programmed, you're left or you're right,
you better choose,
you better decide.
Defend your mind from the tyrants,
don't look to them for your guidance.
Turn a blind eye to the giants,
don't succumb to the visual violence.
Eyes glued to LED's like Insects to the light.
Theres no chance that you'll ever deny
when they tell you everything is fine.
You can't see.
Fear mongers.
Fuck the propaganda.

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