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Death Rate (Ft. Brandan Schieppati from Bleed.. - text


Iraq 2005, I lost a friend of mine.
7.62 through and through, say goodbye.
Detroit 2010, here we go again.
He caught a 9 through the eye,
pink mist in the sky.
Senseless acts of violence from radical fanatics,
they're waiting with your casket
when you're in the wrong demographic.
Going through their lives so convinced that they are right.
They're waiting with your toe tag,
stacking body bags like one, two, three, four.
The brothers and sisters, the mothers and fathers,
the true victims of our social disorders.
The racists, the bigots, the mindless fucking hypocrites,
they all got shit to say,
but in the end hate is hate.
Why does it matter to which God we pray?
Live by the books that create the hate?
Put all your faith in God while mankind decays?
Makes me ask myself at the end of the day....
Why live for this?
Why die for this?
Why fight for this?
All we do is hate, why do we live this way?
All we do is hate.
We raise the death rate.
No race is superior, no faith is inferior, we all bleed red.

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