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Bastard (Ft. Kyle Pavone) - text


Weak will, thin skin, you're poison.
Betrayer, I cringe.
Weakest will, thinnest skin, you're poison.
Open your eyes, what do you see?
You're all alone, you have nothing.
Slip through the cracks like the snake that you are,
slither the distance and watch from afar
as the people who loved you, who helped to build you,
guided you through your pathetic life, forget your name,
forget your face, piss on your memory, now you are the enemy. Imposter, you only imposed.
I can't forgive, I can't forget.
You're just a silhouette.
Imposter, my hate for you grows.
Letting you in was my only regret.
You're just a silhouette.
So where you at now?
Who's got your back now?
Erased from memory.
Disgraceful enemy, I avoid you like the plague,
step back or become my prey.
Trust takes years to build and only seconds to break.
I took a bullet straight through the lung as you held the smoking gun.
Deceiver, dig your grave.
Cheated me, but you can't cheat fate.
You're just a sick little bastard.
My hate for you grows.
Get fucked.
Weak will, hopeless coward, you're scum.
Weak will, hopeless coward, get fucked.

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