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Tongues of Nightshade - text


Labyrinthine passages of consciousness
A journey through euphoric heights and abyssic lows,
Swarming surge of Chaotic forces,
At odds, yet inseparable.

Light's illusion dissolves under the eclipse of the black sun.

To abandon yesterday's self,
And explore the limitless horizon:

Drawn like insect to flame,
The gaze of The Dying beckons us,
To stare into infinity.

From desolation of the Nightshade,
Come, mentors of sinister truth.

It is revealed: the anguishes of the past are keys,
To gates of divinity.

The 'I' shall shatter under the gravity of nothingness.
Surrendered, to indifference eternal
Sinew and Flesh cast to fire,
Foundations crumble to the four winds.

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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