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Myth that rules the ages tells the story of the nation
that chose to die in sands before slavery and damnation
Desire for freedom is a real message of that generation
Did you ever hear of such an endless determination?
Blood of that tribe flows in veins of all mankind!
Freedom & passion for life are the names of our God!
Revolt without a name!
Revolt without a name!
So I don’t give a fuck about taking any side
Cause all around the globe are living creatures of my kind!
Revolt without a name!
Revolt without a name!
I breathe to see the moment, when everyone will see
that oppression is unnatural and all tyrants are machines!
I’m Syrian, Tibetan, Ukrainian and I stand for all,
whose voice is silenced by litanies of tanks and bombs!
Right now there are people in the world used as cannon fodder
Enslaved and despised, treated like cattle by machine men
Don’t give up yourself to brutes, find your way to be more humane
Unite in fight for brighter world, fight your own nameless revolution...

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