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The Harp, the Lion, the Dragon and the Sword - text

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The harp, the lion, the dragon and sword, a unity of death,
Upon the banners present in the growing English threat.
The Earl of Essex finished, Mountjoy would lead the way,
He won the Queens favour her message he would convey.
With his two lieutenants –Chichester and Carew,
Mountjoy would change the course of war , an end was now in view.
But not before an epic task – Rebellion in the south!
His forces were dispatched to stamp the bloody rebellion out!
MacCarthy and Carew reached an accord regarding Munster,
A neutral stance was taken by the cowardly Gaelic leader.
The forces of the crown could then focus on Fitzthomas,
The main rebel leader fought with all his might and valour.
The forces of Carew attacked Fitzthomas with such strength,
They killed twelve hundred rebels bringing an end to their dissent.
Fitzthomas, he was captured, to London he was bound,
The rebellion in Munster now an empty battleground.

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