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Nocturnal Gold Part II: The Name Of Inquietud.. - text


I was riding...I, a King
And from the fog my own ghost did appear
Aboon mee a strange formation of clouds gathered over the giant Cromlech
Why does the mountains stand so great, so silent
How can the night dethrone the day
Lo, Eminent Darkness cometh and her dress of eclipse shows unseen constellations...

A circle in the sky then open wide
And the Astral Traveller revealed to mee...

Let mee clutch thee Serpent of Stars
Be my meridian eke whenas thy torch's fire fadeth
Thou marshall'st mee towards the realm where I will be Infinite
I'll dream in a shroud of mists

I summon Goetic Imperial Hordes
Clenching the hilt in my iron gloves
Silence shall mute all their laughters and screams
For death is silence and silence will be!

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