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Here We Go Again - text


Here we go again
Our game of tug-o-war
For me it’s real now
I’m not playing anymore
You try to wear me down
With your pretty pretty words

Just when I think I’m done
I’m halfway out the door
You pull me in again
Promising to give me more
Yet I’m still surprised every time that I get hurt

I reach out to touch the flame
Cuz I refuse to think it burns
Retreat and lick my wounds
But of course I never learn
You’re a rocket to the moon
I’m stranded on the ground
Come back for what you lost
Let me show you, show you what I found

Here we go again
I lose myself in you
Your love defines me
In a way I didn’t want it to
If I keep holding on
You’re going to bend me til I break

I’m coming face to face
With what I’ve always known
That I am terrified
Of who I am when I’m alone
But now it’s time to choose
Which one of us I’m going to save

You could be
The greatest chance I’ll never take
You’ll always be
My worst and favorite mistake

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