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Love Isn't Hard At All - text

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Let’s go
The world awaits
Or save it for a rainy day above you
We can try
All kinds of ways
To send me to an early grave below you
It wouldn’t hurt to hear you say
Although it’s just a turn of phrase
“I love you”
And in the dark
I hear the call
It feels like love isn’t hard at all
The sun comes up and I see you lost in thought
Those eyes are miles away
They’ll take your mind on holiday
Where are you?
I’ll help you
A man works hard
To find his shape
Knowing where he stands
And how much of this he can take
The song the siren’s make
Getting loud as the swell’s about to break
And will I float when the life boat goes under?
Just like the ocean floor
You’re relatively unexplored
Who are you?
And from the deep
I hear the call
It feels like love isn’t hard at all
My head comes up and I’m ready
Fear no more

Text přidala Maribel

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