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(Inside out) You know me oh so well
(Inside out) You know me back to front
(Inside out) You know exactly what I’m gonna do next
I’m gonna take you to a higher place
The rain collecting in a secret place
And I ache for all your suffering
(Inside out) I don’t reveal it all
(Inside out) I’m putting up this wall
(Inside out) For all the people of the cockatoo set
The extrovert is always in your face
Unaware he’s invading
your personal space
Take him out, the impostor
Put a monkey in his place
Circle round the hazy sun
The hazy sun is circling the house
Spin off the chandeliers
And who's the one whose staring at me now
You move me into silence
It's a heartbeat away from Hell
And I try so hard to control myself
Always smiling on the inside out
(Inside out)
(Inside out)
(Inside out)
You move me into silence
You move me into silence
You move me into silence
You move me into silence

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