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Falling Dove - text

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All his life
Blown by wildfire
Like a spark
Cause and effect
One loose word
One kind act
Whole armies give thanks
Falling dove
Born of ocean
Found by man
Lived on his own
Lift a sail
Tighten the knots
Lift him up
Barely breathing
Falling dove
Do you believe in us
Like I believe in us
Is the outcome ever
Strange enough
You keep defending me
When I’m behaving badly
‘Cause you love me
‘Cause you love me too much
May the best of fortune bless you
Could any creature be unmoved
The humble nature of redemption
The simple act of finding a use
Hoping and almost praying
Believing for a moment it’s true
I make a rendezvous
In Moscow station
A midnight passenger
The café is closed
In St. Petersburg
The door slides open
And I’m a dead man
‘Til I see her walk through
Falling dove

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