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English trees in my garden
They planted seeds in a faraway land
In between the palms and the succulent grow
They lose their leaves in the winter
Mark the seasons for him and for her
Once upon a time in the fallen snow
Up against the sky made a silhouette show
England cries and she plays for him
Her chords entwined like a requiem
And though it's springtime and color is new
In Regent's Park I will mourn for you
And I must be wise somehow
'Cause my heart's been broken down
It's so far to fall
And so hard to climb
Nothing sadder I know
Than the passing of time
You won't forget me
You won't forget me
Like english trees in my garden
Summer's missed you my darling
All your crimes are forgiven
All your crimes are forgiven
And I must be wise somehow
(You won't forget me)
(You won't forget me)
And England cries
There's English trees in my garden

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