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Shine over Babylon - text


I walked the heat of seven hills
Endless talk of losing wills
Great highways in a constant melt
Men and women and children all have overbuilt

Buying bread and paying for none
Creatures of a waning sun
Teacher´s hands are overrun
Clowns and gypsies have all but gone

You make me wanna
Shine over Babylon

Freedoms etched on Sacred pillars
Hollow stones of mindless filler
Can lead to madman oil drillers
Won´t be long before we all are killers
Little boy lost way up the mountains
Cities drownning under boilling fountains
I dreamed of chilly, sunlit days
I was trembling in a golden haze

You make me wanna shine over Babylon

We celebrate the golden cow
Praise the bloated bank account
If there´s a God where is he now
The precipice is slipping further out
Sanskrit message from the mouns
Leave your possessions, hope abounds
There´s nothing here for you to cry about
We´re all just followers from here on out

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