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Our Love Is Fading - text


Is this just a dream?
Don´t want to change a thing about you
All my lonely days
Seem so far away without you
You say you´re happy now
And you say the love you´ve found is easy
But every now and then
Can´t help but wondering when you´re leaving

Don´t you know that I need you?
I only want to please you
Don´t know why you keep holding back

/While you´re hesitating/
Baby our love is fading
Still you keep me hanging on
Oh-oh-oh while you wait rof the right time
Every-day turns to nighttime
Until one day love is gone

I call you on the phone
Seems like you´re never home but I know
It´s not that you don´t care
I think it that you´re scared to let go

Don´t have to tell me twice
I´ve made the sacrifice hold on
I could be instead
You´re playing with my head and that´s wrong

I can´t tell you why
Something deep inside has died
I could try and try
But I can´t bring it back to life

Someday when you´re older
And you search the world over
You might wish you could hold someone
Baby,when you look for me
I´ll be a memory

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