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The Dream, the Space - text


Why are you scared of hatred ?
We can't come back to the equality
Tell me what your function is
Keep on and on healing the pain
We'll have territory
It never touch the other space
Want to tell you something more
Then I sleep, deep inside of me
Can't come back t sleep tonight

I've always told your eyes
Never touched your face before I dream
I want you to come over me
We carry on, we stand it off
We both hold us down
It's safe to say that I'm stuck again

A boy cries in cold water
We don't touch the other space
Dream inhales it all we touch
Can't come back to me

Who's dreaming
I can't turn around that your hands cover me
I feel sad when you're dreaming
Though you touch the wall
It crashes me down
When I'm falling down
The dream the space
I hope you find me out
Can't come back to sleep tonight

I brace yourself why do you cry tonight
We want to hold us down
We will wake up tonight
Sleep in the dream, dream in the sleep
Though I'm awake in the dream
Dream while I'm awake though I

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