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Hometown in my rearview
This truck ain't got enough gas
It ain't got enough gas to get me fast
Far away from you

Paid my dues in other towns
Here I just blow a fuse
Nothin' I can do that'll change you
I won't change my tune

Anywhere but here, anywhere but here
Rob a little money from the cashier
Anywhere but here

I spent a little time in Nashville
In the back of a limousine
They kissed my ass and they shook my hand
Turned their back on me
I gotta book of matches and a bottle of kerosene
Toss 'em a Molotov cocktail
Maybe that'll change their scene

Anywhere but here, anywhere but here
Gather round friends lend me your ears
Anywhere but here

Gonna get me a rocket ship
Aim it towards that sun
Throw me in and strap me down
Five, four, three, two, one

Anywhere but here, anywhere but here
Shoot me through the atmosphere
Anywhere but here

Anywhere but here, anywhere but here
Blow me through the ionosphere
Anywhere but here

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