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So things have gotten weird for you
The foolish do the things they do
Mostly talk right at you without speaking.

They're deaf and blind and they cannot think
But now they want to be your shrink
Probing for the missing link and freaking.

And it's all about how you got strange
Indifferent to their fear of change
And feeling strong enough to get you peaking.

(It's my life)
And I ... I have no tears left
(It's my life)
And I ... well, I ain't done yet
What do I have left.

And you rage at their transparency
And total insincerity
That love is why they have to try and help you.

But mostly it's about control
They're terrified that you might go
And find out for yourself what they can't teach you.

Generations that go through this
The young are punished for their disregard
For every fool who might want to lead them.

But living in the here and now
Will cleans the waste of the sacred cows
That clutters up the past you might be seeking.

So go ahead and rage and fight
Insist on finding your own light
As wisdom cannot be confused by freedom.

(It's my life)
I ... I have no tears left
(It's my life)
I ... well, I ain't done yet
(It's my life)
I got no tears left
(It's my life)
Well, I ain't done yet
What the hell do I have left

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Looking Forward

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young texty

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