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Have some faith in me
'Cos we really do know better
And we do belong together
Have some faith in me
If the world would leave us to it
We might very well get through it.

I was not surprised when you called my number
Life's a bitch you think you're going under
Where the hell did your friends run off to
Someplace cool, look where they left you.

Alone with the TV, worse, the refrigerator
You're gonna lose it sooner or later
Get on the phone and find somebody
That you definitely do not need to see.

Been raining cats and dogs and creatures
There's more to do than you can feature
Get control of your life some way
You got to give the car away.

Give it to the kid next door
He needs the wheels and he's stuck on a skateboard
Go max out your credit card
Get out of town, it ain't that hard.

Have some faith in me
'Cos we really do know better
And we do belong together
All you really need
Is a ticket for a plane ride
Follow me to paradise.

And you're always in a hurry
Y'got to be some place
That you never want to be when you arrive
And there's always a new worry
That will not go away
And it constantly affects your state of mind.

It's such a waste of time.

I'm already your best friend
Who do you talk to, who really listens
Who can you completely trust
Who love you babe
Who loves you this much

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Looking Forward

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young texty

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