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Croosh with the sauce, sipping on Voss
Young man daddy never tripping on broads
Ash in the black, gas on my lines
Made in 96', do the math bitch I'm young
Got funds, hand full of ones
Looking at me mad cause I'm handsome and young
Sipping on rum at a party in East LA
Thottie hit me for that addy so she already on the way aye aye
Watch-Watch her drop it like a bad bitch
I beat the pussy up like a mad daddy
1-2 KO combo, bang bang beat it up like a bongo
Wooshy, wooshy
Like yeah, yeah, yeah
Say she wanna fuck with me
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm a badman yeah
Money, money, money in the bag yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Got me like woah, cup full of brown got me all slow
Heard that she a freak no pity
All I said is hi and she taking off clothes
I'm the youngest out LA, bumping down
310 Westside rep it all day
Rich girl love yay, she just wanna play
Club by night but a model by day
Damn, aye
O-O-OGs tryna press me, why ?
It's like they really wanna test me, why ?
Not fazed though, run it up
I'm the new wave, do the math bitch, sum it up
Wooshy, wooshy
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Say she wanna fuck with me
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ah yeah, yeah
What it do ?, what's your name ?
Asian bitch, lo mein
New whips, switch lanes
New wave, still rocking
30 on me, no struggle
Know you want it, stop begging
Bitch please run that, run it back, real man
Sipping drank, full tank
Bust down, slow it down
Speed it up, doing great
Condo by the lake
You late, new cake
Get sucked then I shake
Stayed loyal, had faith
I might buy that little bitch a new Wraith
You loose, can't do it
No roof, yeah I blew it
New deal, might do it
Beat the case, Joe Lewis
Uh yeah, yeah, yeah
Gotta run it up, got me fucked up
Bitch why you playing, know that I'm the man
I see it in your eyes
We are not the same, whole different name
Blowing on flame, bitch I'm on the way
Robbing checking traps, had to take a nap
Never in the trunk, always on my lap
Never drink tap, bitch I'm higher class
Purified water, $50 glass
Whip got a stash, bitch got a ass
Driving hella fast, blowing on gas
Sock it to me, yeah baby
Croosh, Larry

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