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Yeah I look like Aladdin, I'm up like a ladder
This shit do not matter, my dick in her bladder
She calling my phone, I might run out of data
I told her that I need my space like I'm Saturn
My diamonds Cubano like Tony Montana
My new bitch Cubana, she straight from Havana
Sit on my lap but my name is not Santa
Like what do you want, she say Dolce Gabana
Leave her on read like Trippie
I'm bout my hustle like Nipsey
I'm bout my cents like 50
Told her to bring through a friend
So we can ménage like Nicki
I'm getting money, it's great you should try it
She gain a pound, I put her on a diet
Ice on my wrist, Imma lower the climate
If it ain't a deal for a mill, I ain't signing
I don't know no one that know me better than myself
I take all my money and I bet it on myself
Demonic flow like I came up out of hell
Devil want my soul but I said it's not for sale
Used to stack up every fucking penny on the shelf
Now I go and spend a couple bennies on a belt
Shit I won't lie I'm off the Henny, can you tell ?
Saw my wrist and she got extra friendly lol
Now she on my balls, on my dick
I'm a boss, I'm a pimp
Got the sauce, wanna dip
Like a faucet, I drip
Shoot my shot, never miss
Never stop for a bitch
I'm a dog, I'm a pit
Got the top then I dip
Aye Super Saiyan mode bitch I feel like Goku
Free the nip, no top when I roll through
Wife up a thottie, probs what I won't do
Wait let me get back on my smooth shit hold on
Fuck !

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