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Stand Against - text


Bury me aside my friends.
I beg on my day I'm not left to rot aside all those who have pushed me away.
There's no light.
As black as the day I lost hope.
Even sorry hearts don't break if they are made from stone.

How can I live like this?
Even my reflection turns away.
I'm everything I used to hate.
All that I've fought to stand against.
And for the next three years I won't let myself forget.
I hold my hand to my chest.
I know as cold as the winters come.
I can feel you in the air.
Am I even alive?
My shadows cast, but there's no light...

For all I've fought to stand against.
For every mark I didn't make.

Since the day I was brought to this world.
I've been lost knowing you can't be near.
But the people that stand beside me.
Well they are the reason I'm here.

There is a part of me, I know that I.
There is a part of me, I can't leave behind.
Now I know now I know I won't turn to my shadow, when things fall apart.
I'm alive I'm alive I'm alive.

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