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Am I avoiding this breaking down?
The every year you've forgot to count
And I've been dead since you left this house

I guess I realised something when I fell
It wasn’t troubles that led me here
I left my sorry heart with you

No wonder today it's why you're leaving everything you’ve known

Maybe footsteps led me
Farther than to where I'm meant to lay
I'll find you waiting in my head
I'll be home again!
Just leave me here resting
The words will cover every step
The leaves will cover every step

I held every day with longing
The water still reminds me of – her

I had a lot to explain
I had a lot to explain

Where were you waiting that day?
Why was your body resenting the rest,
When you begged me not to feel the same?
And I feared myself for days
I was the sound of you, holding my breath
As you begged them to push me away
When you begged me not to feel the same

Am I alive?
Am I as safe as I was before?
Am I together?
We lost it all
And you’ll fade
It becomes me

Now I'm at the point where my lungs give out
I need you closer now
I held every day we lost
The Tuesday the ground hangs above me
Me, I'm fine...

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