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A World Away - text


So, as I awake I brush the leaves from off my face but they all turn to dust and grey, my eyes will never see you.
Know not where I am, or how its come to this, I hang my head but not in shame. My bones are brittle watch them break like branches underneath your feet, I know I’m not safe in your hands I know I’m not safe.

My words are cold now, now that you left here, And all your tales are told through the cracks in your soul, And I know I’m not safe at all.
The seasons all change into one, and my concept of time has gone, I follow the sound of your footsteps to lead me away from here.

Now the seasons all change into one (As I awake I know that I)
And the cold air seeps into my lungs (I find it hard to breathe)
Ill find my way, away from here. I can’t erase, how I felt that day, time won’t change a thing.

It looked so beautiful from here, till I spoke,
The feel of your skin against my lips is burning,
Every word burns to ash on my tongue, And all my faith in you has gone… So let go.

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