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Glacial deserts surround this habitat
Where lounges are slaves to the Northern gale
An inaccessible position on an inaccessible plat
Here, even daylight feels immensely pale
My journey took me across the Arctic Ocean
Where lonely horizons are rife
I've told them my heartfelt devotion
"To see the untouched regions of life"
The permafrost is serving as soil
Absorbing the rays from above
Its texture reminds of the stone's toil
To defeat time, to become Jove
Snowfields cover the end, the vertical
And plants in ice-covered water, and their notion
That concentrates organic particles
As a roof that seals the rhythmic motion
Here, photosynthesis can't support life
Still somethins stirs beneath
Its strength cuts like the sharpest knife
When it travels towards that ceiling underneath
I am an explorer with a pure dream
To find existence in the purest form
A rover that passes the coldest stream
And fight the coldest storm

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