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I've conjured my vision awake
To render excitement to pride
I visit the old for this sake
And credulously follow the guide
A natural thought which I can't omit
Outspoken by the sagacious alp
Leading me upwards to the summit
That the luminary sun scalps
Thousands of obstacles pass my way
Mile-wide rivers and abyss-deep questionings
Within my sense I feel astray
Effected by the human reasoning
The greatest alp is my own perception
Of my skills in relation with the rock
So, the highest summit is the senses' inception
Not a planetesimal or material parrock
At childhood I started to climb manhood
At manhood I climb the future
Progression is the only ladder
Good enough to mount failure
To my awareness I am the same factor
As the blizzard is to the mountainside
A both creative and destructive actor
That carries the circumstances inside
Amongs Alps - my mind is the highest peak

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