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Sitting in the subterranean chamber
Embraced by the vast solitariness
Seclusion congealed by a vision's ember
That speaks the words of science grandness
And light determination in my soul
To unite with Terra and the mysterious
Order that lives on this crude pole
And transmits feelings of the ecstatic and delirious
The Arctic Fever tempers me to explore
The environment and my emotions
I'm an extraterrestrial in this secretive lore
Tested by organism's corrosion
Like the wind is strong
Our relation is equally fragile
Contaminated, and then lost?
(Exposed, and then refined?)
An oganelle and mind reconcile
With the tundra, delta
and every path I've crossed
Surrounded by millions, billions, zillions of species
But sometimes still I feel alone
'Cause microbes carry such neutral facies
Their expressions are trapped in ice and stone
But if I ever leave, I will return
'Cause my blood is heated by the Arctic Fever
My body frozes but my soul burns
So, I'm both transmitter and receiver
For the climate's magnitudes...

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