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Fall into deep, fall into me, know what I like but canˇt take me from a sleep and my soul is weep.
You´re eating my heart with no disguise, you´re my startline of the end, you´re openning my scars.
And no ones here to care
Come from behind, just appeared on my side, no reason why to twisting my mind, the devil cry.
You´re flying aside into my body, and every moments replaying in front of my eyes, you´re saltting my scars
Sitting in the hole and waiting my judge
The enemies coming closer
Laying in the mug and smelling this crap
The Iron lady coming over
Lower and lower and over and over
No, I don´t wanna be sober
And over, no holder, Why am I sober
You´re coming closer and I´m over.

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