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I haven't sleep in more than a week
'cause all I do is think of you
I wish I knew what you are dreamin' of
Is it me what you dream of
Or is my love why you sleep deep
I'm waitinf for the raising sun
Why can't you see how much I need you girl
Oh baby please I need to be with you
Every moment for the rest of my life
I could never live my life without you
For the love I feel it's so strong
I could never live my life without you
'cause you are in my heart
Now that I feel the low we got
And that as one we'll live this life
I will fight so this will never end
Because of you I will go on
And that is why I think of you girl
I'll be with you until the end
'cause you are my mind
'cause you are in my heart
And you are in my soul

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