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How do I tell you, it’s the end
Where do I start, to begin
Who’s foolin’ who? It’s over
We both know, it never began
I know I’m done, easy,
And you were never one, to be true
We both led separate lives, together
Sooner or later, someone new
Someone new

Last night I could feel, it was over
By the way you touched my cheek
All your kisses were, much colder
Did you think, I couldn’t see?

All the years must count, for something

I gave you everything I had
But the one thing that was missing,
Real love we never had!

Real love we never had

Now we sit here, and we wonder
Who’s the first, to close the door
You or me, it doesn’t matter
For some reason, there’s no more

It’s not easy when it’s over
But sometimes you just let go
I have finally, found another
And baby, she won’t let go

She won’t let go!

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