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Bad People Burn in Hell - text


Some people
Are no damn good
Spend your money
Like I knew they would
I got wise
To their wicked ways
Why does justice
Have to be so blind?
On their judgement day, you'll be left behind
My, my, my, bad people burn in hell
My, my, my, bad people burn in hell (oh yeah)
Burn in Hell
Listen up
All you good out there
Smiling faces
Don't really really care
All greed and power
Time bomb in your hand
One more push now, yeah
Yeah you will
You're going down in the devils grail
Payola for this
Payola for that
I won't get caught up
In that act
You gotta have it for this
Gotta have it for that
I like to sleep at night
With my conscience clear
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm gonna make it to heaven
Whoa, Heaven
[Chorus] X2
Ah, yeah they do!
Ah, yeah they do!

Text přidala 199819581976

Video přidala 199819581976

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